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French Tech Hub accelerates the growth of
innovative French companies in the U.S.

We support each client company with an agile team that delivers customized services to streamline U.S. market entry, rapid expansion and operational success. Project teams are comprised of highly qualified French Tech Hub staff complemented by industry and subject matter experts.

Our services can cover the entire U.S. business development process while keeping within a client’s allocated budget. Some clients qualify for financial support from our wide range of financial partners.

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Market Preparation

Before launching in the U.S., non-US entrepreneur should understand the local entrepreneurship culture but also the specific traits of doing business, recruiting and growing in the U.S.

Our U.S. Market Preparation Program is perfectly designed to provide the critical information entrepreneurs should have to make informed and strategic decisions:

  • How to start a business in the U.S?
  • Who are the main players of innovation and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley?
  • What is the local business mindset around innovation?
  • How do you build and manage the right team to succeed in the U.S.?
  • How do you pitch in the American way?
  • How do you achieve growth in the U.S.?
  • What are the legal issues that entrepreneurs face in the U.S.?
  • How do you develop a strategic mindset to better address your next challenges?

Our program is based on two essentials pillars:

It is tailor-made to the specific needs of the entrepreneurs attending each program
It provides a right balance between collective sessions: (workshops, networking events, visits of emblematic companies) and individual mentoring sessions with industry-specific experts.
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Market Entry

Doing business in the U.S. means more than just opening a new sales office. The huge potential of the U.S. market comes with associated risks due to fierce competition, high entry barriers and different business culture. You need a senior marketing and sales team to define your strategy, get first U.S. customers and grow your business effectively. French Tech Hub’s experienced team offers two programs to help you efficiently enter the US Market:

WIth its Key Success Factors Program, French Tech Hub audits your strategy and resources dedicated for U.S. expansion and offers recommendations on your most pressing issues such as positioning, budgeting, planning, team building, business processes, legal / tax issues,etc. to support your strategic decisions.

With its Acceleration Program, French Tech Hub builds and manages a dedicated team based on your most immediate needs. We become the U.S. extension of your team and follow a 2-steps methodology:

Defining your go-to-market strategy: value proposition, market segmentation, business model, sales channel, customer validation
Scaling your business: marketing campaign, business development, sales

Our engagement is renewed on a monthly basis, enabling you to leverage our support as long as you need it.

French Tech Hub’s team and its U.S.-based industry experts boast extensive experience in commercializing technology across several industries, with special focus on: Digital & Cloud, Healthcare and Optics & Hardware.

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Funding Access

Since 2012, we have helped 200+ IT and Healthcare clients. Our clients have raised together over $200M.

We provide fundraising support to selected French startups. Our connection to the Silicon Valley and Boston startup ecosystems allows us to have a strong network of venture capitalists (VCs), angel investors and other investment sources.

Our U.S. Funding Access Process is composed of four milestones that give entrepreneurs the keys to successful fundraising:

1. Introduction to funding advisors and mentors: we identify entrepreneurs who successfully raised funds, funding experts, and VC mentors, and we organize first touch points with them in order to gather their feedback and advice.

2. Fundraising strategy: based on the received feedback, we help you plan your fundraising: amount, timing, types of funding, profile of funds, contact approach, etc.

3. Pitch preparation: we refine your business model and coach you on the delivery of a top, U.S-style investor pitch.

4. Investor roadshow: we organize an intense period of meetings with interested investors and based on feedback refine and adjust your strategy and pitch.

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While launching in the U.S., the legal or tax system can be extremely time consuming and confusing – potentially wasting valuable startup resources and time that should otherwise be focused on the core business opportunities.

French Tech Hub can act as your local Chief Operations Officer to allow you to focus on growing the business. We’ll help ensure local compliance while minimizing the risk and hassles of back office administration.

We provide top-notch business and immigration lawyers, accountants and tax experts to ensure you are well represented from the start. Our clients obtain the best protection and timely, expert information about all legal, fiscal and business matters.

Our operational services include:

coworking, how to start a business

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