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President Obama explains why today the U.S. is the best place where to do business at SelectUSA Investment Summit

Last week in Washington, DC, has taken place the third SelectUSA Investment Summit, event that promotes the United States as the world’s leading destination for foreign direct investment.

This week’s two-day Summit at the Washington Hilton has drown more than 2,500 attendees, including international companies from 70 foreign markets and economic development organizations from across the U.S. More than 22 of ITA’s Chiefs of Mission and their investment delegations have been on hand to promote the U.S. as the premier destination for FDI.

The intiative SelectUSA has been so far successful: to have an idea, consider that in the first half of 2016  only, SelectUSA clients have already announced 67 projects totaling $2.6 billion that are expected to create more than 5,400 jobs in the United States. The initiative has been launched by the Congress in 2012 and has been strongly wanted by Obama’ s administration, which has been firmly committed to promote Foreign Direct Investments in the U.S.

During the event President Obama had the chance to pitch the U.S. as the best place where to do business: “Nowhere in the world and never in history has ever been a better place to grow your business than the U.S. today” Obama said.

The President of the USA has literally pitched the audience of foreign investors going trough a list of reasons why the U.S. are the best place where to do business today, mentioning among the others that the U.S. is the first country for investment in R&D, accounting for 25% of global R&D investment, the importance of the U.S. in the global economy, the free trade treaties that position U.S. companies in the best conditions to trade within global markets.

Find the full speech of President Obama in the video below.

As an accelerator for tech companies in the U.S., French Tech Hub can only confirm what President Obama said; tech entrepreneurs, U.S. is your “place to be”.

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