Within first 6-months, French Tech Hub helped VideoStitch win Launch Festival’s “Diamond in the Rough” award and raise $2.25M

360° Virtual Reality system

"French Tech Hub helped us to land softly and prepared our installation in the US."

– Nicolas Burtey, CEO, VideoStitch

Nicolas Burtey, founded VideoStitch in 2012 and together with a team of talented engineers, developed software that enabled people to have a virtual reality experience of live, streaming Virtual Reality video content. With VideoStitch’s 360° Virtual Reality system, individuals can feel like they are attending a live concert in person, while they are at home or another remote location.

VideoStitch was the only French company accepted as a competitor at the Launch Festival in April 2015, one of the biggest startup events in the world attracting over 10,000 attendees in San Francisco.

Launch Festival was a huge opportunity for VideoStitch to present the technology to 3,000+ key opinion leaders and investors. However, since Nicolas had never pitched to an American audience, French Tech Hub helped him quickly prepare. In only 2 days, a special task force team got Nicolas ready for this game-changing event.

French Tech Hub experts, Roy Terry and Valérie Zeller, shared their deep knowledge of American style pitches with Nicolas. They gave Nicolas some dos and don’ts for successful U.S. pitches and helped Nicolas practice until he was ready.

Thanks to Roy’s coaching and VideoStitch’s disruptive technology, the company won the “Diamond in the Rough” award which recognizes the most promising startup.

This award helps VideoStitch’s to quickly gain significant market traction in Silicon Valley. Soon after the event, Nicolas met with some of the top Internet and technology companies.

In July 2015, Nicolas creates VideoStitch’s U.S. subsidiary. In that same month, VideoStitch raised $2.25M from Alven Capital to continue the development of the product and strengthen the team, especially in the U.S.

French Tech Hub is currently working with Nicolas to obtain a visa and provides him top U.S. executive mentoring.

About VideoStitch

VideoStitch’s Virtual Reality and 360 degree video stitching software enables users to remotely experience live concerts as if they were at the events in person.

Launch Festival’s “Diamond Award”

VideoStitch won the “Diamond in the Rough” award at Launch Festival 2015 in San Francisco.

VideoStitch raised $2.25M

In July 2015, VideoStitch raised $2.25M from Alven Capital.