French Tech Hub helps Talentoday become the world’s largest people analytics solution

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“French Tech Hub has been instrumental in helping us to move to the United States. The team explained the steps to follow, and introduced us to investment angels and advisory board members. Lastly, they took care of all operational aspects of our incorporation which allowed us to focus on critical sales and partnerships.”

– Pierre-François Verley, Co-founder, Talentoday

Talentoday is the result of the 2012 collaboration between two talented entrepreneurs: psychologist, Pierre François Verley, and innovation enthusiast, Martin Ryssen. While working in international recruiting agencies, the two discovered that there was a gap in the career guidance field. They therefore, created a psychometric, social and data-driven career solution.

In March 2013, with support from French Tech Hub, the two Talentoday founders met with several American investment angels who became passionate about the company and agreed to invest. To make this possible, Talentoday had to open a U.S. entity and engaged French Tech Hub to help them.

In less than 6 months, French Tech Hub created the U.S. Talentoday entity, secured two E2-visas for the co-founders, plus managed accounting and payroll for the newly created company.

In January 2014, Talentoday decided to shift their business model from a paid solution targeting universities, to a free solution available to anyone. ­After adding a social media sharing feature to their personality test, their solution went viral.

With their then large user base, Talentoday decided to build a people analytics solution that would help companies improve recruitment, and put the right candidates in the right positions. In October 2014, Talentoday announced a cumulated $1.4M seed investment. In December 2015, Talentoday signed their first major partnership with Adecco Group, the world’s largest HR provider.

Currently, Talentoday is introducing analytics and psychometrics to organizations and HR professionals around the world, empowering them to use objective data to make better hiring and career-long decisions. With their newest solution, Target Profile, recruitment and career professionals are able to match candidates to job positions and company culture. The tool uses an algorithm developed in collaboration with data scientists from MIT, and provides intelligent recommendations for career direction to individuals and enterprises.

Since their launch in the U.S., Talentoday continues to benefit from French Tech Hub mentoring.

About Talentoday

Talentoday improves career success by delivering personal insights based on psychometrics and predictive analytics. The online social career guidance solution provides a free assessment for individuals and a cloud-based framework for career and HR experts to scale and optimize effective job placement. Millions of users and 100 clients in over 160 countries have chosen Talentoday to increase the outcome of finding the perfect career fit.

3 million users in their first year

Talentoday goes from 5000 to 3 million users in their first year.


Talentoday raised $1.4M in seed funding since their arrival in the US.

Adecco Group

World’s largest HR provider, Adecco Group, partnered with Talentoday in December 2014.