In just 3 years, French Tech Hub helped PriceMatch go from a seemingly good idea to a definitely lucrative acquisition

Leading Revenue Management for hotels

“The one month exploratory mission in the Bay Area – financed by the, California Ecole Polytechnique Alumni for the Master in Entrepreneurship (CEPAME) – allowed us to quickly understand the main differences between the U.S. and French markets. It also let us meet our first American customers and evaluate the potential danger of our local Silicon Valley competitors. The French Tech Hub fulfilled its mission.”

– Arthur Waller, Cofounder and ex-CEO, PriceMatch

After launching a revenue management web platform in January 2013, PriceMatch was interested in expanding into the U.S. market. They chose to work with French Tech Hub to quickly organize a first step exploratory mission in June 2013.

The objective of the mission was to understand the hotel revenue management market in the U.S. and specifically, the wants and needs of hoteliers.

To best develop PriceMatch’s U.S. Go-To-Market strategy, French Tech Hub proposed that PriceMatch executives meet in person with U.S. companies and professionals so they could:

  • Define the target buyers, the value proposition, and the most compelling messaging
  • Develop initial relationships with U.S. companies and receive buyer-perspective about PriceMatch’s development strategy
  • Gather primary feedback on PriceMatch’s planned Go-To-Market strategy

PriceMatch’s team met with 11 individuals including Hilton’s Revenue Manager plus several other hotel revenue managers, various property managers and a number of CEOs from different travel companies.

Because the U.S. market is comprised mainly of chain hotels, PriceMatch’s venture partner, FTH, advised PriceMatch to first gain rapid growth and market traction in the European market. Since European hoteliers are mainly independent hotels that are in need of PriceMatch’s type of solution, these hoteliers would be able to reach a buying decision much faster than a large chain hotel. FTH also recommended that PriceMatch should set up a small organization within the U.S. to sign strategic partnerships with property management software companies.

About PriceMatch

Founded in 2012, PriceMatch provides hoteliers a SaaS revenue management platform.

PriceMatch raised $1.1 million

In November 2013, PriceMatch raised $1.1M from Partech Ventures, Tekton Ventures and a family office.

PriceMatch acquired rival PowerYourRoom

In December 2014, PriceMatch acquired Europe-based rival, PowerYourRoom.

PriceMatch was acquired by Priceline

In May 2015, Priceline acquired PriceMatch to become part of BookingSuite.