With marketing support from French Tech Hub, PeopleDoc signs major US deals and raises a total of $50m investment

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“Having local support truly accelerated our understanding of the U.S. market. Thanks to French Tech Hub’s support, we quickly met HR executives, set up targeted communication and were much more efficient in our business development.”

– Jonathan Benhamou, CEO, PeopleDoc

In 2013, PeopleDoc is growing rapidly and already has strong customer references in France. During a lunch with Philippe Botteri Partner at Accel Partners Jonathan Benhamou and Clement Buyse, co-founders of PeopleDoc in 2007, understand that they have the right technology and relevant approach of the French market but their innovative company has a challenge to become a world leader: succeed in the US market.

Jonathan and Clement therefore need to convince their investors to financially support the implementation of PeopleDoc in the United States and asked the French Tech Hub to validate their market potential.

In January 2013, French Tech Hub worked with PeopleDoc’s marketing team to adapt PeopleDoc’s sales and marketing materials to the U.S. market. Then, in cooperation with Business France, French Tech Hub organized several validation meetings with potential customers – one of which led to PeopleDoc’s first U.S. sale.

Once PeopleDoc’s investors were convinced and backed him, Jonathan Benhamou relocated to New York and build a US subsidiary. Jonathan and Clement asked then French Tech Hub to further support the marketing strategy. Within four months of setting up the company’s U.S. office, PeopleDoc signed six new customers and two partners.

In May 2014 and October 2015, PeopleDoc raised $17.5M and $28M led by world-renowned investors, Accel Partners and other investors to accelerate its development in the United States and Europe.

About PeopleDoc

PeopleDoc transforms the way organizations deliver HR services by providing easy to implement, affordable HR service delivery solutions. PeopleDoc’s solutions reduce administrative time and expense while enabling organizations to deliver faster and higher quality HR services. Powered by innovative document management and knowledge base technologies, they combine ease of use with the highest levels of security, access and compliance controls.

Gartner 2014 Cool Vendor

PeopleDoc was named a 2014 Gartner Human Capital Cool Vendor.


PeopleDoc raised $50M in two rounds.


PeopleDoc employs 150 people.