French Tech Hub validated Lheritier’s U.S. homeland security and law enforcement market opportunities

Cameras and vision systems

Lheritier is a company with 30 years of expertise developing camera solutions that are integrated in defense and security systems. Lheritier is based in France and while they have had the majority of business success in the EU, they wanted to expand into other large markets.

In mid-2014, Lheritier released a new product called CatEye. CatEye is an integrated and uniquely portable, night vision security camera. CatEye provides a significant advantage to view complicated targets at night despite challenging light interference. CatEye’s main market is defense & security, a very large, but not easily accessible market in the U.S.

Lheritier needed strategic advice to define the right Go-To-Market strategy and therefore, engaged French Tech Hub to provide a full market validation study.

French Tech Hub determined that Lheritier has an excellent, low-risk business opportunity to penetrate the U.S. homeland security and law enforcement markets. According to French Tech Hub’s estimates, the total available market is large enough for Lheritier to launch in the U.S. and the company could capture a significant part of it within 5 years.

In 2015, French Tech Hub provided a refined value proposition around 6 main aspects of CatEye and then interviewed 5 different Key Opinion Leaders to validate this positioning. Different channels and partnership strategies were also analyzed, along with the costs and resources required for a full launch in the U.S.. Given the readiness and excellent position of CatEye, it was apparent that Lheritier could penetrate the U.S. market with a minimal investment.

About Lheritier

LHERITIER designs and produces cameras and complex vision systems using commercial sensors coupled with embedded image enhancement algorithms. ALCEN technology today supports defense & security, energy, medical and aeronautics.


Lheriter reported 2013 revenues of $4.4M.


40% of Lheritier’s revenue is generated outside of France.


Lheriter plans to double its revenue within two years.