French Tech Hub helped Hybrigenics launch and grow its U.S. business

Research and development of new targets and therapies against proliferative diseases

Hybrigenics was founded in 1997 and focuses on two types of work: 1) pharmaceutical research and development; and, 2) yeast two hybrid technology. The company’s mission is to find innovative medicines and methods to target and treat both cancerous and non-cancerous diseases.

Between 2007 and 2012, French Tech Hub represented Hybrigenics in the U.S. providing services including lead generation, call reception and domiciliation.

In 2012, Hybrigenics had reached significant revenue in the U.S. representing over 30% of Hybrigenics’ overall services revenue. It then made good business sense to hire a full time employee within the U.S. to continue expansion of sales and partnerships. Working with French Tech Hub and FACCNE, Hybrigenics quickly identified the perfect candidate and subsequently created a subsidiary in Boston to establish official U.S. presence.

In 2013, French Tech Hub advised Hybrigenics on the fiscal and legal implications of creating a U.S. entity. Thereafter, French Hub Tech helped create a Delaware C-Corp, hosted near Boston in the Cambridge biomed hub and opened a U.S. business bank account. French Tech Hub then facilitated the onboarding of Hybrigenics’ new employee that included developing and executing the employment agreement and an employee handbook.

Since 2013, Hybrigenics has resided in French Tech Hub’s Cambridge office space and French Tech Hub manages all of the necessary U.S. back office accounting and administration.

About Hybrigenics

Hybrigenics delivers innovative therapies and ways to target treatments for proliferative cancers and non-cancerous diseases. Hybrigenics (ALHYG) is a bio-pharmaceutical company listed on Paris’ Alternext (NYSEEuronext).

Hybrigenics raised €20M

Between October 2014 and April 2015, Hybrigenics raised €20M.

Hybrigenics reported 6 month revenues of €1.9M

Hybrigenics reported a €1.9M revenue for the first half of 2015.

100% revenue growth in the U.S.

Hybrigenics doubles its U.S. revenue since the opening of its Boston-based subsidiary.