US success enables Amplitude to become the worldwide leader of ultrafast lasers

Nothing but ultrafast.

“French Tech Hub is more than just a consultant – they are our partner. That made all the difference in helping us to identify the steps needed to develop and effectively roll out a targeted operations plan in the crowded U.S. market.”

– Gilles Riboulet, CEO, Amplitude

As a spinoff from CEA (French national atomic agency), Amplitude developed a highly efficient technology for general industry use as well as application in niche markets.

Given its area of expertise, it was advantageous for Amplitude to get close to the world largest research centers to market its technology and stay aware of all potential new applications. After achieving success in France, Amplitude decided to expand overseas in 2009. To assess Amplitude’s U.S. expansion potential, French Tech Hub identified the top U.S. research centers and validated the company’s American opportunities.

In 2010, Amplitude executed a full launch in the U.S. which included the work done by French Tech Hub to create the U.S. subsidiary with offices in Boston and San Diego. They also hired a sales director to be based in the new California office. The strong relationship between French Tech Hub and the Amplitude sales director allowed Amplitude to quickly grow sales and deliver efficient customer support.

Since 2010, Amplitude has relied on French Tech Hub for back office support including HR management, invoicing, product delivery, payroll, accounting, taxes and payment collection.

Leveraging the U.S. sales success, in 2014, Amplitude was able to acquire Continuum Laser, a 70-person, CA-based company. Subsequent to the U.S. being the first export market opened, Amplitude is now the worldwide leader of ultrafast laser.

About Amplitude

Amplitude Technologies is well respected in the worldwide photonics community as a leading provider of ultrafast laser technologies including industrial fiber lasers and high energy Petawatt class lasers. Amplitude Technologies, together with its sister company Amplitude Systemes, are part of the Amplitude Group.

Amplitude acquired 70-person company

In 2014, Amplitude acquired Continuum Laser, a 70 person company located in California.

Amplitude nominated for “Prism” award

Feb. 2014, Amplitude was nominated for a “Prism” award at the Photonics West Conference.

Amplitude’s opens 1st and significant export market

The United States were Amplitude’s first export market and generates a significant revenue.