Eight months after opening its U.S. subsidiary, AlephD is acquired by AOL

The publisher performance company

"To relocate to the U.S., you need to resort to many different professionals. French Tech Hub offers a turnkey solution for each need making the whole process smooth and easy."

– Maxime Agostini, CEO, AlephD

AlephD was created in June 2012 by three French engineers: Maxime Agostini (ex-Criteo), Nicolas Grislain and Vincent Lepage. After one year, the company raised € 1.5 million from Cap Decisif, Partech Ventures and A Plus Finance. The founders hired ten engineers and developed their solution. In early 2015, AlephD closed a deal with one of the largest tech company in the world. Maxime Agostini, CEO, decided to relocate to New York, to build up the relationship with publishers and to get closer to the major adtech platforms, and thus to the global market. Maxime sought support to relocate quickly while developing his company.

In less than a month, French Tech Hub opened a U.S. subsidiary in Delaware with a qualification in New-York. One month later, Maxime got his visa and moved to New-York. Soon after his arrival, Maxime started negotiating with AOL. The U.S. legal entity and the presence of AlephD’s CEO facilitated communication and, thus, a deal. AlephD announced its acquisition three months later.

About AlephD

AlephD helps online publishers  improve the profitability of  their inventory, by providing solutions for optimizing their pricing  in real time.

To accomplish its mission, AlephD relies on real-time algorithms that run thousands of times per second on a big data infrastructure, where billions of auction logs are stored.


AlephD’s revenue grows tenfold from Q4 ’14 to Q4 ’15

€ 1.5 million

In July 2013, AlephD received € 1.5 million in seed funding from European ventures

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In less than a year after opening a U.S. subsidiary, AlephD signs the deal with AOL