About French Tech Hub

French Tech Hub helps French innovative companies efficiently enter and accelerate growth in the United States. Since 2012 French Tech Hub has served 200 clients in IT and healthcare. Its customers have raised over $200m.

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of French innovative companies in the U.S.

French Tech Hub was launched in February 2012 by top French government officials, with a unique public-private business model. We sell services to French innovative companies while carrying a general interest mission of creating jobs in France.

Leveraging the experience developed by working with over 200 companies, French Tech Hub has developed a suite of services that comprehensively cover the needs of entrepreneurs at all stages of development in the US: market discovery, product-market fit, sales and marketing, subsidiary set-up and funding support.

French Tech Hub is a subsidiary of Paris Region Enterprises, in collaboration with Ile-de-France Region, BPI France, La French Tech, PACA and Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.

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