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ImaBiotech expands in North America and opens a second lab in Billerica, MA.

Since this summer ImaBiotech has opened a second lab in the Boston area, devoted to Mass Spectrometry Imaging and to their customers.

This new lab features their third High Resolution Mass Spectrometer dedicated to Imaging, their latest generation histological laboratory and a team of experts.

Lab ImaBiotech

ImaBiotech is a French contract research organization (CRO). They offer services to the pharmaceutical research to provide better drug efficacy and toxicity evaluations, based on Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging (QMSI). QMSI has been developed for decades and allows to detect elements and molecules without labelling. ImaBiotech has developed the quantitative aspects through many patents making ImaBiotech one of the world’s leaders in this field.

QMSI changes the rules of the game of the pharmaceutical industry in all the therapeutic areas. It is translational technique and helps to investigate where the drug and biomarkers are localized and support PK/PD relationship in preclinical and clinical stages. This molecular technique is used for qualitative & quantitative efficacy and toxicity evaluations of drug candidates from the whole body to cellular levels.

ImaBiotech has more than 200 customers worldwide and 50% of their activity is in the U.S.

For more information about the company, watch this short video.

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