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OpenDataSoft signs a partnership with Schneider Electric!

Only a couple weeks after signing a partnership with Waze, French startup OpenDataSoft announced a new collaboration with global energy management specialist Schneider Electric.  In this agreement, OpenDataSoft will build Schneider’s Electric internal Analytics Data Library for IoT and Digital offers.

OpenDataSoft specializes in making data open, transparent and actionable. They already power data portals for many municipalities, agencies and companies worldwide – including the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the City of Paris, the Ministry of Health in Portugal and the Swiss National Railways. This new data library will allow Schneider Electric’s scientists to reduce time-consuming data management tasks, and to focus on their core mission: mining and modeling data for business insights.

The OpenDataSoft platform will indeed automate the data preparation work. It will handle raw data and transform it into the formats data scientists, researchers and developers expect. Knowing that the OpenDataSoft platform has taken care of data cleaning and standardization, data scientists can quickly and accurately focus on strategic data mining.

We are excited to help the world’s leading energy management company improve its data scientists’ working experience. Schneider’s employees now can focus on their core mission: mining and modeling data as never before,” said Franck Carassus, COO at OpenDataSoft. “This exciting collaboration demonstrates Schneider Electric’s commitment to its data scientists and its desire to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that can have a material impact on the company’s business.”

The collaboration is also part of Schneider Electric’s transformation strategy. Smart solutions and agile innovation are critical in the evolving energy management and automation industry, where customers increasingly ask for energy consumption monitoring and productivity improvement.

Leveraging data analytics is essential for us to help our customers make informed business decisions quickly and efficiently, and it is a core part of our digital transformation strategy. We see collaboration with OpenDataSoft as another building block to deliver this strategy and accelerate the way we create opportunities to increase our customers’ productivity while improving their decision making and competitive advantage,” said Cyril Perducat, Executive Vice President, IoT & Digital Transformation at Schneider Electric.

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