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Discover French Tech Hub’s new customers

With offices in Boston and San Francisco, French Tech Hub helps French innovative companies efficiently enter and accelerate growth in the U.S.

Leveraging the experience developed by working with over 200 companies, French Tech Hub has developed a suite of services that comprehensively cover the needs of entrepreneurs and companies at all stages of development in the US: market discovery, product-market fit, sales and marketing, subsidiary set-up and funding support.

Discover below French Tech Hub’s new customers:

  • ForePaas, an innovative PaaS for business analytics;
  • HiPay, a a global payment provider that offers data analytics, seamless omnichannel support, robust fraud protection and automated financial reconciliation;
  • Makoto, a mobility solution that helps people to go from one point to another one, as a complementary to the existing public transport. The mobility station MAKOTO serves as a relay for transport;
  • Openfield, a technology startup specializing in micro sensors for downhole applications in the Oil & Gas industry. Openfield offers micro instruments and expertise to provide data that can enable enhanced recovery capabilities and safer operations to well operators;
  • Quantificare, a leading Imaging CRO offering: pre-clinical to phase IV clinical trial services across a wide range of clinical areas to pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetic industries, and innovative imaging tools tailored for medical specialists including plastic surgeons, aesthetic specialists and dermatologists;
  • Wildmoka, a digital content creation platform provider. Wildmoka’s video solutions can be quickly implemented, enabling immediate short form video creation and publishing.

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