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Biomodex and Rythm among the Top 10 French Talents according to MIT Technology Review

For the 5th year in a row, MIT Technology Review selected the Top 10 French Talents as part of its Innovators Under 35 competition in Europe. The objective of this initiative, supported in France by BNP Paribas and L’Atelier BNP Paribas, is to recognize and select the most remarkable technological entrepreneurs and researchers in the country.

Prior to the award ceremony celebrating the best Innovators Under 35 in Europe scheduled on September 14th in Paris, MIT Technology Review released the names of the Top 10 French Talents during a ceremony at l’Atelier BNP Paribas on June 8th.

Among the 10 entrepreneurs selected, 2 are French Tech Hub alumni: Biomodex (Sidarth Radjou), that uses advanced software and 3D printers to fabricate life-like organs that can be used for medical training and pre-operative planning, and Rythm (Hugo Mercier), that develops an active sleep wearable device, allowing improvement in sleep quality through brain auditory stimulations.

The selection criteria are the impact, ingenuity, and audacity of candidates, as well as their entrepreneurial successes (as a measure of their determination to develop new technology), the timeliness of their projects, and their capacity to effectively communicate the relevance of these ideas. The winners are selected by a panel composed of entrepreneurs, technologists, and researches from various universities.

The 8 other entrepreneurs are: Thibaut Duchemin (, Antoine Noel (Japet), Sylvain Gariel (DNA Script), Johann Kalchman (Lifeaz), Clémence Franc (Nova Gray), Morgane Barthod (Meteo*Swift), Nataliya Kosmyna (Braini) and Bénédicte De Raphélis Soissan (Clustree).

Some of them will have a chance to be selected for the European award in September: let’s wish them the best of luck!

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