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Paris Region Innovation Booster, the Path to Disruption

Paris Region Innovation Booster is a unique initiative launched in partnership with Technology Transfer Accelerators Offices: IDF Innov, SATT LUTECH and SATT Paris-Saclay in collaboration with Paris Region Entreprises and French Tech Hub.

Paris Region Innovation Booster gives innovative companies access to the most prestigious and comprehensive offer in terms of scientific skills, research results and innovative technologies to strengthen their competitivity.

Whether you want to develop disruptive solutions or access cutting-edge technologies, our experienced team of 150+ professionals derisk your project. We offer a unique point of contact to find the right skills within our 1000+ labs and 40,000 researchers.

Then we offer you three possible paths:

1/ Direct collaboration with a lab

We ensure the success of a collaboration with the right lab among our 40+ universities, elite schools and research centers gathering 23 Nobel Prizes and 13 Fields Medals.

2/ Co-Investment in a Prototype

We derisk the creation of a prototype by:

  • Defining the project specifications
  • Assessing risks
  • Investing in PoC’s development and managing the associate timeline
  • Negotiating transfer conditions

3/ Licensing

We can help you enrich your IP portfolio by giving you access to 80+ IP protected technologies related to your R&D needs, and negotiate with you adequate licensing terms and conditions.

Are you ready to investigate which lab could help you develop your next disruptive product?

Then tell us more about your innovation need by filling this online questionnaire or contact us!

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