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James Trocme joins Safelogy’s advisory board

James Trocmé,  Principal & Executive Business Consultant at EDIC Consulting and former SVP ATM Channel Citibank, was recently appointed to SAFELOGY’s Advisory Board on French Tech Hub’s recommendation.

SAFELOGY, one of French Tech Hub’s customers, is a startup specialized in cash management. The company supports cash management on any smart safe and monitoring from any device (PC. Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone). Today Safelogy is used to monitor over 3,000 Smart safes in 5 countries (France, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg) connected to SAFELOGY’s cloud platform.

To accelerate its strategic deployment, SAFELOGY appointed by a board of entrepreneurs experienced in cash management and new technologies, which will help develop strategy, brand awareness, solutions offering optimization and the implementation of strategic partnership programs. Beside James Trocmé, the Board is composed of Dominique Buinier, Senior Partner, OCTO Technology, and Olivier Tilloy, Deputy Managing Director, S-Money.

The initial tasks of the Advisory Board will be to focus on a first round of ongoing funding, specifying technological roadmaps, and deployment of an international market expansion strategy.

The SAFELOGY platform and business model provides users and managers with cash management optimization solutions that are modern, innovative and user-friendly. This is why I am pleased to contribute my know-how to this ambitious team, in the field of self-service banking and cash handling automation as well as international and U.S. experience to enable them accomplish their goals” – James Trocmé, Principal & Executive Business Consultant, EDIC Consulting.

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