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Partnering Robotics won Lockheed Martin’s Helopitch at SXSW 2017!

With DIYA ONE, an AI-based robot dedicated to indoor air quality and energy efficiency, French Tech Hub customer Partnering Robotics won the first HeloPitch organized by Lockheed Martin!

What is the HeloPitch?

For its first presence at Austin’s festival South By South West, Lockheed Martin launched the HeloPitch: a pitching competition aiming at finding “the next big idea”. 45 applications were received, a first round a finalists pitched at the Austin Convention Center, and 9 finalists won their fly ticket for the next round – a pitching session in an helicopter flying 1,000 feet above Austin.

The selected companies all develop innovative solutions in fields ranging from cybersecurity, space technology (EXOS) and Optics (Fovi3D) to virtual reality and robotics.

Who is Partnering Robotics?

Partnering Robotics is a French company founded by Ramesh Caussy making robots to improve people’s everyday life. Their featured robot, DIYA ONE, uses AI to identify and measure more than 300 types of air pollutants in your office space. It can then activate its purification filter to improve air quality.

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