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French startup Marbotic raises 1.5M € in funding round !

French Tech Hub’s customer Marbotic announced last week the success of its 1.5M € funding round from public and private investors!

Marbotic creates connected wooden toys to facilitate childrens’ cognitive learning. They combine wood materials with touchscreen technology and educational contents to provide children with a playful learning experience.

“If launching your own company is challenging, raising funds is also quite a quest. It took us almost a year to close this round, and we are happy we convinced both our historical investors who renewed their trust, and new investors. The team gains in maturity and diversity” – Marie Merouze, Marbotic’s CEO.

This fundraising will allow Marbotic to launch their new range of products dedicated to language learning in schools as well as extend its distribution channels in Asia, Australia and the United States.

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