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Argolight’s technology shipped to space by NASA this month!

in 2014, Our customer Argolight was contacted by Christian, a NASA contractor, in these terms: “Can you help us improve the accuracy of the microscope on the ISS (International Space Station)?”

This month, Argolight’s technology is finally being shipped to the ISS to enhance the station’s microscopes!

The whole adventure was a great challenge for this company based in Bordeaux, that only employed 4 people when it was first contacted. “We were very surprised because we did not have any connection with aerospace companies at that time” explains Gautier Papon, Argolight’s CEO. “But we were extremely happy, of course. It’s every scientist’s dream to work with NASA“.

What Christian –  lead optical engineer for an historic NASA contractor – wanted was the technology developed by Argolight that enabled great improvement in quality control of microscopes. This technology relied on  2D and 3D stable fluorescent patterns integrated in a glassy material, which enhanced microscopes’ precision and were more adapted for space use than other existing technologies.

Aerospace is a field known for its very high requirements in terms of technology. Working for NASA increased our visibility and made us more trustworthy for other clients, even in not related fields” – Gautier Papon.

Since its creation in 2012, Argolight has had a 100% annual growth and it now employs 8 people. Even if 80% of its turnover is generated by exports, the company wants to increase its focus on international markets – especially in the U.S. After its partnership with NASA, Argolight also signed a contract with the National Instance of Standarts and Technologies (NIST) for the purchase of several technologies. No doubt that having these references will be a great asset for further expansion in the U.S!

If you want to know more about the partnership, Argolight’s team made this great video to share the story of their collaboration with NASA.

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