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Stereolabs technology used by James Cameron on #Avatar2!

French Tech Hub customer Stereolabs signed a collaboration with James Cameron for his movie Avatar 2 which should be released at the end of this year. Stereolabs develops depth and motion sensing technology based on stereo vision. For his movie Avatar 2,  James Cameron is using the algorithm to correct the visual discomfort that many people experience when watching a movie in 3D.

Collaborating with James Cameron was key for our company. Not only was is fruitful professionally, because it gave us an excellent reference for future clients, but also personally, as we learned a lot from this collaboration“, Cecile Schmollgruber, Co-founder and CEO.

Stereolabs is a French Tech success story. Cécile Schmollgruber and her 2 co-founders launched Stereolabs in 2009 in France. A couple years later, Cecile decided to go to California to get the word out, and met great success among movie studios, including James Cameron’s.

Today, Stereolabs employs more than 20 people in its 2 offices: one in Paris and one in San Francisco. It  has become a leading provider of depth and motion sensing solutions for autonomous robotics and AR/VR. ZED, their new camera launched in 2016, provides a means for machines to see depth the way humans do, for applications in autonomous navigation, AR/VR and more, at highly competitive price. ZED already convinced clients such as GoPro, Amazon, Parrot, Toyota, Intel and NASA.

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