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Cosmo Tech signs 2 strategic partnerships with Schneider Electric and Alstom !

French Tech Hub customer Cosmo Tech keeps on enlarging its clients’ portfolio: after collaborating with RTE, GE, Total, EDF, Veolia, SNCF and Sanofi Pasteur, Cosmo Tech recently announced the signature of 2 strategic partnerships with Schneider Electric and Alstom.

Cosmo Tech offers an integrated software solution that gives reliable insights to help CEO’s with their decision-making, thanks to complex modeling and simulations. With applications in big data and predictive analytics, Cosmo Tech’s solutions are suitable for organizations in multiple fields: energy, transportation, urban systems, life sciences, etc.

These new partnerships will strengthen Cosmo Tech’s expertise in asset management and give the company access to huge data and service networks.

Partnership agreement with Schneider Electric

Last December, Cosmo Tech signed a partnership agreement with Schneider Electric to optimize asset maintenance and investment. The objectives were the following:

  • Empowering grid operators with accurate infrastructure planning tools leveraging systemic planning applications
  • Building an innovative digital technology and service strategy for utilities looking to optimize asset maintenance & investment planning

Cosmo Tech’s software will support utilities in their digital transformation through better understanding their complex systems and leveraging that complexity to meet corporate KPIs. “Cosmo’s industry validated technology provides utilities with the opportunity to optimize their maintenance and renewal strategies and take advantage of the complex systems they manage,” explained Hugues de Bantel, CEO of Cosmo Tech. “I am looking forward to our collaboration with Schneider Electric opening our decision management solutions to utilities throughout the world.”

Strategic Partnership with Alstom

Then in February of this year, Cosmo Tech and Alstom announced a strategic partnership to develop a new application to improve the global efficiency of a rail system. This application, based on Cosmo Tech’s software platform, is expected to set the global standard for energy efficiency, and operations optimization. It will allow operators to consider the entirety of their rail operations which has never been done before, as every part of a system is usually assessed separately. It will allow Alstom to design more efficient transport networks and to meet higher performance and service quality standards.

“Cosmo Tech is the global leader in decision management for complex systems. I am excited to see our companies combine their knowledge to develop a world leading application for rail system operators that will allow operators to optimize their asset management, be more energy efficient, and meet their KPIs for performance and service quality,” added Michel Morvan, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech and CEO of Cosmo Tech U.S.

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