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Unique line-up of French and U.S. Start-Ups at Photonics Fast Pitch Lunch

French Tech Hub and SPIE launched the first Photonics Fast Pitch Lunch on January 31st in order to showcase the unique innovation brought by French and US start-ups at Photonics West, the world largest multidisciplinary event for photonics.

The large scope of the start-ups’ activities showcased how Photonics is a key enabling technology for many industries such as electronics, diagnostics, ophtalmology, or transportation.

13 startups, including 7 French were given the opportunity to present their solution in 90 seconds to potential investors, entrepreneurs and members of the photonics innovation community.

The 7 French Start-ups were:

  • ALPAO manufactures Adaptive Optics Components and Systems. It includes very rapidly deformable mirrors with large strokes, wavefront sensors, and complete adaptive optics loops.
  • AUREA Technology designs and manufactures a new generation of high performance and easy-to-use Single Photon Counting Modules that enable worldwide scientists and engineers to measure very-low-light-level down to a single photon.
  • First Light Imaging proposes the most advanced imagery solutions for extremely low light environment and real time applications to the world’s scientific and industrial communities.
  • Femto Easy provides robust and reliable measurement devices for ultrafast lasers.
  • ISORG designs, develops an manufactures flexible, large surface photo-diodes and image sensors for several applications: fingerprint for integration into mobile phones and for border control/law enforcement, X-ray for medical and industrial applications, wearable heart-beat measurement, automated inventory management.
  • Neta designs and manufactures innovative photo-acoustic imagery solutions.


The 6 U.S. start-ups were:

  • Bandwidth 10 Ltd. – Bandwidth10 was founded in February 2011 to market its tunable, singlemode, 1550 nm long-wavelength VCSELs and transceivers for datacom applications.
  • Blade Optics TM makes use of flat lenses, rather than curved alone. This reduction in lens stack to aperture ratio could mean disruptive changes to multiple industries including cameras, telescopes, mobile devices, computer imaging, gaming and much more.
  • The Double Helix PSF (DH-PSF) offers an unprecedented combination of precision and depth for 3D nanoscale imaging. Its patented phase mask technique enables imaging at the molecular level optimized to the specific requirements of experiment and setup.
  • Fastree3D aims at producing 3D cameras that enable vehicles and machines to recognize and locate fast moving objects in three dimensions in real-time, enabling safe and intelligent actions
  • Lumedica offers affordable, accessible, accurate eye disease detection Powered By OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography).
  • Photonicare has developed the first non-invasive method to accurately diagnose ear infections which affect 80% of children.
  • The Wholly See offers Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for tagged driverless vehicles in autonomous airport operations.

This event was organized in collaboration with SPIE, Alpha Route des Lasers, Optitec, OpticsValley and Business France.

If you wish an introduction to any start-up please contact me!

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