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Congrats @TEHTRIS for having won 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Award!

While malicious Internet intrusions and attacks are on the rise with infiltrations from all sides, the French Tech Hub’s client “TEHTRIS“, based near Bordeaux in France, announces that it was named a winner of a Cybersecurity Product Excellence Award.

The Artificial Intelligence engine, which is embedded in the flagship solution called “eGambit”, fully created by cutting-edge engineers at TEHTRIS, is already protecting many sensitive infrastructures owned by multinational companies. This innovative technology was just awarded during an official event in Beijing. The Chinese company SKDLABS, recognized by Microsoft Virus Initiative and by Google VirusTotal for their technical independent evaluations of Cybersecurity products, gave some Product Excellence Awards to the best products based on testing results from the past year.

The French company TEHTRIS won the Award of the best solution in the category “Real Time Threat Analysis”. For example, the Artificial Intelligence of the eGambit product can detect unknown viruses or malwares as it is not based on signatures. In 2015, this startup won the “Label France Cybersecurity”, and then an innovation prize during the « IT Innovation Forum 2016 ». This new international Award for its high-quality product and service with the eGambit technology will power up TEHTRIS company.

TEHTRIS is a French editor, with Cybersecurity experts, whose innovations and services detect, analyze and neutralize cyber-attacks worldwide. Its awarded product, eGambit, is deployed in China, Saudi-Arabia, USA, Brazil, and Europe, with a Cyber SOC in Pessac, near Bordeaux. In France, the French public sector can already subscribe to this advanced solution through the central public purchasing office (UGAP).

Official site of the conference in Beijing

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