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CES, a great exposure opportunity for French Tech Hub companies!

You might feel as enthusiastic and exhausted as us as we come back from 5 days in Las Vegas discovering several thousands new solutions launched during the show, walking 7 miles a day in between booths and enjoying the strong French Tech presence at CES 2017 with over 200 companies exhibiting, 2 ministers, 1 candidate, and hundreds of journalists.

CES 2017 was a great accelerator for many French Tech Hub portfolio companies. Some received great U.S. awards:

  • SimForHealth was selected by the Consumer Technology Association as one of the four most Innovative Solutions in digital health along Philips, Fitbit and Sensoria thanks to its unique VR solution to train healthcare professionals.
  • Xooloo Digital Coach awarded with CES 2017 Innovation prize thanks to its unique alternative to parental control solutions on mobile devices. (Any parent of teenager feel the pain )

Or international press coverage:

Last but not least, CES seems to be a unique opportunity to meet with French decision-makers, press and politicians

If you are interested in French Tech Hub’s support for CES 2018 contact Marie Buhot-Launay: marie[dot]buhotlaunay[at]

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