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Join us for The Future of Healthcare in San Francisco

French Tech Hub is partnering with Hello Tomorrow and the French Consulate in San Francisco for The Future of Healthcare on December 15th.

Join us on December 15th for inspiring talks and the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies in healthcare, new methodologies to improve patient care, and discuss the most pressing challenges we will have to tackle.

Hello Tomorrow San Francisco’s goal is to highlight disruptive technologies that will shape the future of biomedicine in order to inspire and encourage the next generation of change-makers into fostering interdisciplinary collaborations to accelerate innovation in the field. It is also a great opportunity to talk about the ethical, legal, political and operational challenges that we will have to address in the near future.

As a member of the French Tech Hub’s network, we invite you to benefit from our 30% discount when signing up with the code FTHguests.


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