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How does an international health insurance work? #Webinar

When a person leaves his country to live abroad, she/he does not have the same health coverage as in her/his home country. That is true especially for French people.

Expatriates can either subscribe to an international healthcare insurance from their home country or to a local healthcare insurance. In the former case, Expatriates can also purchase additional insurance services to receive the same coverage as a French Resident in France (e.g. for illness, workers’ compensation).

When insured expats take advantage of insurance coverage, they need to send medical bills to the insurance company in France or, in the better scenario where the service provider belongs to client’s insurance company’s network they can benefit from third-party payment.

In the US healthcare insurance is very important, considering the cost of medical cares. What’s more, the “PPACA”, also called “Obamacare”, adds issues when you want to become an american resident.

Do you want to know more about international insurance coverage? How to chose the best insurance plan for you? When to subscribe to the plan: before / after your arrival in the US? What is the legal related landscape and how it affects employees and employers?

Register to our webinar Assurance Sante Internationale 101 – pour les expatries USA – October 27th at 6pm (CEST).

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