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Key Takeaway from Connected Health Techmeeting in Boston

Although Connected Health is undeniably the solution for reducing healthcare costs, changing the system remains very challenging in the US, as with the rest of the world. Such was the findings of the October 18th techmeeting panel, which was composed of two international companies: Philips and IBM, an expert lawyer and a Tufts Health Ventures representative.

It is not always easy to reconcile the different stakeholders of the American healthcare system from the FDA to hospital decision makers, doctors, and healthcare companies. In order to successfully launch an innovation, one must have a clear strategy for navigating the system. Because of these challenges, important problems such as following-up on clients with chronic diseases remain unresolved.


It is of general agreement that work must be done to reduce the costs of the healthcare system in the US. The American healthcare system is the most expensive in the world, and many initiatives have been put in place to facilitate innovation in this sector.

The panelists shared what they considered key success factors for startups in this domain:

  • Having a complimentary and experienced team with more female entrepreneurs
  • Being well-aware of the legal and refund policies from the start of the project
  • Having a clear economic model and exit strategy before contacting large groups to offer a partnership
  • Being able to develop a unique competitive advantage which will allow for you to create partnerships with large groups


This was followed by pitches from seven startups, including two SYSTEMATIC members who presented their innovative solution:

  • SRETT offers a data management platform in the respiratory diseases sector
  • EyeNetra revolutionizes the eyesight-testing market
  • Ultra has developed a sensor which optimizes sun exposition while minimizing cancer risks
  • Dataiku allows for everyone to use data scientist tools to exploit their data
  • NutriSavings helps educate employees on the quality of foods bought in supermarkets and help them better their nutrition
  • Archimej Technology offers a portable blood analysis device
  • Wellframe delivers a mobile-enabled health-care management platform

The 60 attendees composed of Open Innovation Club members such as Air Liquide and Saint Gobain, as well as Netva winners were then given the chance to exchange with panelists and startups.

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