As a result of an efficient U.S. launch, Scalefast (formerly Pepita) is set to quintuple revenue in only 18 months

Flexible e-commerce solutions provider

“The most difficult part of setting up in a new market is finding the right partners. With French Tech Hub’s support, we were immediately operational. Their local expertise, responsiveness and quality network were real added value. Thanks to their team, we were able to settle in and grow our business very fast.”

– Nicolas Stehle, CEO, Pepita

In February 2014, Pepita had a huge opportunity to sign a multimillion deal with a U.S software vendor. However, the American company required Pepita to have a U.S. presence.

After two months of unsuccessfully negotiating with U.S. banks, Nicolas Stehle contracted French Tech Hub for help.

Nicolas needed a trusted partner to quickly take care of all administrative tasks so he could properly launch the company in the U.S.

In only a week, French Tech Hub opened a bank account, arranged a visa for Nicolas and his family and helped find the right health plan for his family. This background work allowed Nicolas to focus on closing the new business deal and the associated new sales opportunities.

Since 2014, Nicolas has outsourced accounting, taxes, operations and payroll management to the French Tech Hub operations team to keep operations running smoothly and within budget.

About Scalefast

Scalefast (formerly Pepita) delivers and operates online commerce solutions for leading software and game publishers, e-merchants and brands. Its enhanced, global e-commerce platform helps companies maximize their online revenue by optimizing their sales conversion funnel, reducing costs and enabling them to leverage the latest innovations.

3 Months

Within 3 months, Pepita establishes its U.S. operations.


Only 2 years after launching, Pepita is set to quadruple revenue.